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2TRAINERS – that’s Christine Burgmer and Kerstin Brandes – offer training services throughout Germany, Britain and Malta. We’re based in the Rhein-Erft and Heinsberg area of NRW, but are happy to travel to wherever you are.

The best way to describe us?

That’s easy! We’re both passionate about what we do and love communication and languages (we’ve both learned at least three). We adore working with people who have a passion, and thoroughly enjoy working together.

We’re both fluent in English and German, come from business backgrounds and have formal teaching and language qualifications.

We’ve been running our own individual language training businesses for over 18 years. About eight years ago we joined forces and launched 2TRAINERS, a company specialising in working with business trainers, coaches, consultants and facilitators who need English for their work.

“What I wanted to let you guys (or do I better say ‘gals’) know is, that I find it really inspiring to see that two women find each other on a professional level and make something work successfully!! Great!!”
Andrea Raab, Excellence. Development

Why trust us?

Because we know what we are talking about. We understand the difference between using English in a private context and communicating professionally. And we know how important it is to bring out the best in people – by providing a supportive, safe and dynamic learning environment.

If people are able to climb Mount Everest with the right tools and training (this was once considered impossible), why shouldn’t you be able to offer your workshops and coaching sessions in English with the right tools and training?

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