Our network

Inga Geisler

Inga Geisler

Live Online Trainer

We love Inga’s vibrant personality and are looking forward to working with her again once she’s finished writing her book!


Marc Sobolewski website

Marc Sobolewski

Founder, owner and creative head of m2s marketing to sales

Marc has said such nice things about us that we wouldn’t want to forget him!


Lisa 3Lisa Blum

Our fantastic graphic and web designer.

We would be lost without Lisa and can highly recommend her if you’re looking for someone with a lot of creativity and experience.


Erich Ziegler 2Erich Ziegler

Team developer,  facilitator and trainer.

We love Erich’s interactive way of working and are very grateful for his support and guidance.


Christopher Cooper

Owner of Cooper Business Coaching

Christopher has given us lots of (free!) expert advice and has been a great support. He’s great to work with!


Sandra Dirks 1Sandra Dirks

This woman is amazing ! Her areas of expertise? Visualisation, active training methods, humour and webinars.



Rendel Freude

Photographer, graphic designer and artist

Rendel is a great photographer who makes stunning portraits. She’s the one who took that much admired snapshot.



Maic Stausberg

Owner of life-in-balance

Maic is an expert in meditation and ayurvedic massages. He’s the guy who helps us stay sane.


Barbara Grau for website

Barbara Grau

Certified business coach at Drittner-Training

Barbara’s extensive experience in leadership and her great talent for adopting different perceptions is an inspiration to everyone she works with.


A group of trainers, all experts in their fields and strong believers in life-long learning, who have invested a lot of time and energy in improving their English skills with us.


Axel Rachow
We love Axel’s new offer for trainers. Whether you’re looking for train-the-trainer seminars or tips, tricks and recommendations to make your life as a trainer easier, you’ll find what you need at für-Trainer.de.