Monthly Archives: April 2018

Gain country insights

So you’ve been asked to offer training sessions abroad or you have participants from other countries. If you’d like to gather some cultural information before you get going, you might like to start at the Government of Canada’s Centre for Intercultural Learning. We find their “Country Insights” to be particularly helpful as a first stop.Continue Reading

If you also work as a coach, you might like some of these free coaching exercises and tools we came across the other day (link to: Just scroll down the page to find other free coaching exercises and resources.Continue Reading

Happy, sad and angry

You don’t always want to use the same words again and again. Perhaps you even feel that your English vocabulary is limited. So Ed Batista’s Vocabulary of Emotions might be quite useful. The intensity of each emotion increases as you go down the list.Continue Reading

Have you ever eaten frogs’ legs?

“Have you ever” is an icebreaker and getting-to-know-you activity which we think might work particularly well in a culturally-diverse group. Of course, you can think up your own sentences to introduce to the group, like: Have you ever sung karaoke? Have you ever eaten frogs’ legs? Have you ever kept a pet? Have you everContinue Reading