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Did you know just how tricky cross-cultural small talk is?

Before you go into a cross-cultural social setting, ask yourself whether the new culture is a “peach” or a “coconut”. Are the people friendly, open and personal or are they more closed, less personal and intimate? Professor Erin Meyer explains the difference in her article in the Harvard Business Review.  Continue Reading

Working with teams

Looking for movies to use in your training sessions? You’ll find a great selection on Movies4Training powered by The Bob Pike Group. You’re looking for movies on Teamwork? Take a look here: “Call Me Walt” can be used to discuss first impressions or cultural differences. “Players Confer with Coach” might be a good way to startContinue Reading

How diplomatic are you?

According to The Public Speaker Lisa Marshall, a diplomatic communicator is someone who can “get their message across and convince people to change without damaging the relationship”. Is that you? Or would you like to learn to communicate more diplomatically? All you need to do is to follow Lisa’s Quick and Dirty Tips. We particularly like whatContinue Reading

Looking to break the ice?

If you’re looking for some new icebreakers for different groups of people, you might find something on the site. For small groups (of about 2- 5 people): For medium-sized groups (of about 5 – 10 people): For large groups (of about 10 – 30 people): For extra large groups (of about 30 people and more): Reading