Monthly Archives: February 2018

Tuckman’s model

Of course, you know about Tuckman’s Team and Group Development Model. But you might just like to click on the link to remind yourself of your role as the leader of a group – and, of course, to learn or revise the terms in English!   Continue Reading

The English Words that Germans get wrong

Here are the English words a lot of the people we work with seem to get wrong (link to: Do you go into a training room and ask for the ‘beamer’ when you should be looking for a ‘projector’? And do you sometimes offer your participants ‘cakes’ when they’re really small ‘biscuits’? Not to… Continue Reading

Building teams

If you’re specifically looking for some new team building activities to improve teamwork, develop trust and enhance problem-solving skills,¬†you’re sure to find something suitable on¬† You’ll find over 60 free activities, many of which we’ve used over the years. You probably already know the Back-to-Back Drawing activity. We used it not long ago to show… Continue Reading