Monthly Archives: December 2017

You can remember what we discussed last year, can’t you?

Question tags are often used in spoken English. You remember that we spoke about them last year, don’t you? has a slideshow explaining the forms and a slideshow explaining the uses. You will contact us if it’s not clear for you, won’t you?Continue Reading

Out of the box

This is a quick moving energiser that you can use with any group size. Create a list of 25 random words (something like this one here) and give one word to each person in the group. If it’s a small group, you might like to give two words to each person. The group forms aContinue Reading

Training across cultures

According to OMT Global’s article, training designed to be delivered to participants from multiple cultures needs to: 1. use simple language, avoiding acronyms and double meanings, and 2. have a modular structure that can flex and adapt to the learning style of the participants. Needless to say, it’s vital to plan well in advance.  Continue Reading