Monthly Archives: December 2016

The biggest mistakes in change management

Change is constant and businesses need to innovate to keep pace with global and local trends. However, change is difficult. It calls for strong leadership, excellent communication and real participation. So how should change be managed?
This article (link: discusses the 20 mistakes that ought to be avoided – and could be used as a checklist.

Comparatives and superlatives

We’ve spoken about comparatives and superlatives before. So you might ask, what on earth are they? Quite easy. What we mean are forms like: cheap, cheaper and cheapest and good, better and best. This little slideshow from explains everything perfectly. Continue Reading

The warm jacket

Here’s an energiser which you can use in a training course on communication skills, customer care or leadership skills. It shows how, even what we think is good communication, fails if the person receiving the message is not absolutely clear on what is meant. Duration: about 15 minutes Resources needed: coats or jackets which have been messed with… Continue Reading