Monthly Archives: November 2016

Watch your words

We often hear trainers say how “lucky” they are to have been invited to run a workshop or to hold a presentation. Of course, they can mean that “sie haben Glück gehabt”, but more often than not, they mean that they are very “happy” to be there. So perhaps next time you address a group of peopleContinue Reading

Wall of fame

Duration:  10 minutes set up – ongoing Possible Objectives This energiser can be used in any training course or meeting where participants need to resolve work issues or problems. It gives participants a sense of achievement and helps them physically see that they are resolving issues. Resources Needed: Different shaped pieces of card or paper inContinue Reading

On leadership

“A ruler should be slow to punish and swift to reward.” Ovid punish = bestrafen swift = schnell, flink reward = belohnenContinue Reading

6 free marketing tools we think you’ll love

Do you work with these marketing tools? This little ebook shows you some of our favourites. Just click on the image below to open the pdf file.Continue Reading