Monthly Archives: September 2016

Get free feedback on your writing

Here’s a nice little tool (link to: to help you check your spelling and grammar before posting an article. Copy and paste your text (or write it directly) into the box provided and click on “check writing”. Spelling errors are underlined in red, grammar errors in green and style suggestions in blue. I found that it doesn’t catch all the errors so you need to read your text a second time before sending it out to anyone!

The marshmallow challenge

This activity might not be new to you. We only heard about it the other day from a friend who experienced it live in a half-day workshop. It’s a team-buillding, problem-solving activity. The idea is that groups work together to build the tallest free-standing structure using 20 sticks of spaghetti, a yard (O.9144 metres) of string, a… Continue Reading

Useful questions

Lectures often end with a question-and-answer session, don’t they? But why can’t we make these lectures more interactive? This week we’ve chosen another article from the Grand Master of interactive learning which gives us a completely different strategy. In his article called “Useful Questions“, Thiagi explains why he thinks an interactive lecture technique might be more effective and explains the procedure.… Continue Reading