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Four tenses

Why not brush up on, what we believe to be, four of the most important English tenses? The Present Simple The Present Continuous The Past Simple The Present Perfect And test yourself here (link to: Reading

The arm cross

Even the ways in which we divide our participants into groups can encourage learning about similarities and differences. If you want to divide a large group into two smaller groups, ask your participants to cross their arms. Those with their left hand tucked under their right arm form one group and those with their right hand resting onContinue Reading

More on teamwork

“Light is the task where many share the toil.” Homer toil = harte ArbeitContinue Reading

Ask and answer

In his article entitled “Ask and answer” Thiagi, the Grand Master of interactive learning, talks about the importance of training our participants to ask and not only to answer questions. He explains how he incorporates participants’ questions in a variety of learning activities. We particularly like Thiagi’s idea of handing out a checklist of quality standards that require theContinue Reading

Question tags

In English-speaking countries, you’ll probably hear people using lots and lots of question tags. They’re often used in everyday conversation and, as Gareth Rees on says, they encourage the listener to comment on what the speaker has just said.Continue Reading