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Port and starboard

“Port and Starboard” is a children’s game but can be used a fast-paced energiser to get everyone up on their feet and moving and thinking fast.

Participants stand in the middle of the room.The trainer explains the commands and the actions that go with each. For example, when s/he calls out “Port”, everyone runs to the left.

The commands are as follows:

“Port” = run to the left
“Starboard” = run to the right
“Captain’s Coming” = stand to attention and salute
“Climb the rigging” = climb up an imaginary rope
“Man the ship” = run to the middle
“Scrub the decks” = pretend to clean the floor

The laws of learning

Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan, perhaps the world’s foremost authority on interactive learning, has provided us with a framework he calls the 14 Laws of Learning which we think needs to be kept in mind when creating, building or delivering training sessions. Continue Reading

Verb tenses

Those verb tenses can cause a lot of confusion to non-native speakers. If you think you need support or would just like to test yourself, give these tutorials and exercises a try: Continue Reading

The new product

Get participants’ creative juices flowing with this activity … Ask participants to form small groups of three or four people (depending on the size of the group). Hand out a day-to-day object to each group and tell them that this is their new product and that they need to come up with a name, logo, slogan… Continue Reading