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Have you tried journal writing with your participants?

Have you ever tried debriefing with individual journal writing instead of inviting group discussions after an experiential exercise? Thiagi in his article entitled “Debriefing through Journal Writing” says this can have a number of advantages.   It permits participants to reflect on their personal reactions without being distracted by argumentative, defensive, or self-glorifying conversations. It is better suited for introvertedContinue Reading

Much, Little, Many, Few, More, Less, Fewer

If those words above confuse you, take a look at this nice little presentation here: Reading

New on the market

Objectives: This activity encourages teamwork and reviews brainstorming ideas. It also promotes creativity and problem-solving. Instructions: Ask participants to form small groups (the size of each depends on the size of the whole group). Hand out an everyday item to  each group and instruct participants that this is going to be a new product of theirs and that they needContinue Reading

Wise words

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