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keep-calm-and-love-grammar-24“Ask about English” on the BBC website answers people’s grammar questions. Today we want to look at confusing words and expressions.

If you don’t know the difference between ‘compliment’ and ‘complement, and ‘deny’, ‘refuse’, ‘reject’ and ‘decline’ (and a lot more), this is the place to go to.

You must be joking

Duration: about 5 – 20 minutes. Objectives: This icebreaker is useful to help introduce participants or simply lighten the mood. What you will need: Printed cards – one half to have the first part of some jokes printed on them and the other half to have the punchlines. Instructions: Advise participants that they will each be… Continue Reading

Isn’t it the elephant that never forgets?

In German, we often use the word ‘Eselsbrücke’. But how can one translate that into English? This trick to help us remember something is called a ‘mnemonic’. Too difficult a word to remember? If it rhymes, you can use the word ‘jingle’! According to the Collins English Dictionary, a jingle is “a catchy and rhythmic… Continue Reading