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ClusterDuration: about 10 – 20 minutes

This energiser can be used to select teams, re-energise a group or simply to lighten the mood.

Ask participants to move about the room. Call out a number. The group forms clusters of players to match that number. Whoever does not get into a cluster is out.

Keep calm

Today we thought you might like to reflect on how you evaluate your training. Alan Matthews has written an interesting article on this topic. Why not check it out? Do you use or have you ever thought of using an online tool (link to to evaluate your training, workshops, seminars etc.? Continue Reading

Bored or boring?

Both words are often used incorrectly. When you’re feeling tired and unhappy because you have nothing to do, you’re most probably ‘bored’. Example: I was so bored that I fell asleep in my chair. ‘Boring’ means that something is not interesting or unexciting. Example: The training was so boring that we all fell asleep. Continue Reading