Monthly Archives: June 2015

Giving feedback

This article on “How to give good feedback” written by Annie Murphy Paul covers the most effective way to give feedback and explains its most important benefit: “Having access to information about their performance creates opportunities for learners to recognize when they’ve made mistakes and figure out what to do to fix them. It also helps them… Continue Reading

Interesting versus interested

“Interesting” and “interested” are two words that are often misused. So what’s the difference? “Interested” describes how you, or others, feel about something. For example: “We are interested in supporting language learners.” In German: “interessiert an” or “sich interessieren für” “Interesting” describes the thing that makes you feel that way. For example: “That’s an interesting book… Continue Reading

Let’s get drawing

DRAW MY JOB TIme: 30 minutes  Objectives: This energiser is useful for encouraging participants to think creatively about their job. Materials: Colour pens, flip chart paper. Instructions: Provide participants with a flip chart each and some coloured pens. Ask each person to individually draw a picture that represents and explains their current job. They can use… Continue Reading