Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Conscious Competence Ladder

“The Conscious Competence Ladder” (link to: or “The Four Stages of Learning” is based on the concept that we all move through four stages when learning a new skill or developing a new competence. We move through the following levels as we build competence: Unconsciously unskilled – we don’t know that we don’t have this skill, or… Continue Reading

Let’s be positive!

Positive language makes us feel good and it makes others feel good. It increases motivation and raises self-esteem. So let’s add a few more of these words to our vocabulary: “Certainly” “Yes, of course, I can …” “We” and “us” “Thank you” or “Thank you so much” “Congratulations” “It’s a pleasure to be able to …” or… Continue Reading

Sharing thoughts and ideas

SHARING KNOWLEDGE TIme: 10 minutes The objective: This energiser is useful for encouraging participants to share thoughts and ideas. Instructions: 1. Ask a participant to loan you €1. 2. Take this €1 and then ask for a loan of €1 from another participant. 3. Take the €1 from participant 2 and use it to repay participant… Continue Reading