Monthly Archives: May 2015

You are the best!

“Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.” Marcus Tullius CiceroContinue Reading

The Conscious Competence Ladder

“The Conscious Competence Ladder” (link to: or “The Four Stages of Learning” is based on the concept that we all move through four stages when learning a new skill or developing a new competence. We move through the following levels as we build competence: Unconsciously unskilled – we don’t know that we don’t have this skill, orContinue Reading

Let’s be positive!

Positive language makes us feel good and it makes others feel good. It increases motivation and raises self-esteem. So let’s add a few more of these words to our vocabulary: “Certainly” “Yes, of course, I can …” “We” and “us” “Thank you” or “Thank you so much” “Congratulations” “It’s a pleasure to be able to …” orContinue Reading

Sharing thoughts and ideas

SHARING KNOWLEDGE TIme: 10 minutes The objective: This energiser is useful for encouraging participants to share thoughts and ideas. Instructions: 1. Ask a participant to loan you €1. 2. Take this €1 and then ask for a loan of €1 from another participant. 3. Take the €1 from participant 2 and use it to repay participantContinue Reading