Monthly Archives: March 2015

Keep calm

Would you like to make your own ‘Keep calm’ poster for a workshop or to use in your advertising materials? Then this is the place to go to …  Continue Reading

We hope you’re looking forward to reading our post!

Here’s a phrase we hear now and again: “I look forward to meet/see you” or “I am looking forward to meet/see you”. However, it’s incorrect. So what is the correct form? “I look forward to meeting/seeing you” or “I’m looking forward to meeting/seeing you”.Continue Reading

Is it really impossible?

YOU THINK IT’S IMPOSSIBLE? Time: 5 minutes. Objective: This really short and sweet energiser highlights the fact that nothing is impossible. Instructions: Whenever someone use the word, ‘Impossible’, remind them that nothing is impossible, indeed the word itself says, “I’m possible!” To make this clear, you might like to demonstrate on a flipchart: Impossible …to… I’m possibleContinue Reading

On the importance of questioning

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” VoltaireContinue Reading