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How clear is your speech?

MouthNobody expects you to speak like a native speaker of English. In fact, we think it’s nice to have an accent. That makes you unique and, when you speak, people will listen more! What is important, though, is that you learn to speak clearly.

Are you pronouncing these words (link to: correctly? You might like to read the text carefully (just remember that the author is writing from an American perspective) or just pick out the words you’d like to hear, go to, type a word in the box provided and press ‘Submit’. Just make sure your speakers are on! 😉

By the way, we often hear people struggling with the words ‘clothes’, ‘February’, ‘interpret’, ‘niche’ and ‘old-fashioned’.

Don’t talk

“Don’t talk” is an energiser which you can use in training courses where you’d like to emphasise the importance of nonverbal communication. This can be particularly useful in training courses on body language, communicating with customers and great leadership skills. Duration: about 20 minutes. Objectives: This energiser is useful for improving the communication skills of your participants and helping them… Continue Reading

Giving great feedback

We highly recommend the website if you are interested in reading business articles on all kinds of topics. Today we’d like to share an article called “7 Tips for Giving Great Feedback” with you. Do it right, and the other person will feel “cared for, valued, and closer to you”. Continue Reading