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Reinforcing learning

10 minutes
This energiser is useful for reinforcing learning and ensuring that participants have retained knowledge throughout the training course. It helps participant recall, review of the main issues and summarising the key training points. It will also help to focus on the conclusions reached by participants.
Prior to any break that you take throughout a training course, highlight the fact that you have covered a lot of important topics and points.

Tell the participants that you would like to check their memory of the key issues by performing a rapid review.

Quickly work your way around the room asking each participant in turn to shout out a key word or statement that represents something from the training so far. While they are doing this you write these points on a flipchart.

Keep the energy up for this review by quickly moving from participant to participant saying, ‘that’s one, thanks, next’ etc. throughout.
Discuss each point on the flipchart and explore in more detail where necessary. Ask participants if there are any key points given by others that they had not considered and if so, why did they not think of them?

Finally, ask each person to pick their key point. They might like to add this to their action plan or learning log.



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