Looking to break the ice?

If you’re looking for some new icebreakers for different groups of people, you might find something on the icebreakers.ws site.

For small groups (of about 2- 5 people): https://www.icebreakers.ws/small-group
For medium-sized groups (of about 5 – 10 people): https://www.icebreakers.ws/medium-group
For large groups (of about 10 – 30 people): https://www.icebreakers.ws/large-group
For extra large groups (of about 30 people and more): https://www.icebreakers.ws/extra-large-group

The games are placed into various categories, with drawing, guessing, party, get-to-know-you, teambuilding, talking, acting, storytelling, active and memory games.

You’re sure to find an activity you’ve not tried before!