Intercultural Fitness Day

“Cultural competence is no longer a nice skill to have; it is an economic necessity.”
Doing Business Internationally; Brake, Walker and Walker

Do you find that more and more companies are asking you to run your training sessions and workshops in English? Perhaps your customers are now asking you to work with participants from all over the world who are representing a variety of cultures?

If this is so, you’ve probably seen that working with people from different cultures presents a real challenge. We can’t assume that members of all cultures share similar values and can learn and be taught in the same way.

We believe that tomorrow’s training professionals do not only need to demonstrate strong communication skills and to feel at ease when communicating in English (the day-to-day language of business in a lot of countries today). They also need to show cultural sensitivity and be able to adapt their training methods and exercises according to their audience if they want to be effective.

So what can you do to fit your training approach to people from different cultures?

Easy! Come along to our Intercultural Fitness Day (here’s the workshop programme) and reflect on your own cultural identity and the impact it has on your training. We’ll make sure that you are well prepared for your next training sessions.

You’ll learn how to better navigate across different cultural landscapes and to vary and adapt your training approach, materials and methods to accommodate cultural differences. And to run more sustainable training sessions and workshops.

Intercultural Fitness Day 2018

When?       Time and date not yet fixed
Where?      Wevers & JungHermann-Becker-Straße 2, Cologne
Price           € 425.00 + 19% VAT. Drinks and snacks included.

Two trainers and a mini group of not more than six participants guarantee a highly intensive day.


Contact us today if you’d like to register or to speak to us personally.